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    The first 4 words of the Bible are about as far as many of us, searching for what is true about God, ever get with reading it. There is a good reason the New York Times Best Selling Book List never includes the Bible: if they did, the Bible would be Number 1 every month that the list was updated. The Bible is the best selling Book of all time: month to month and year to year. Have you read it or have you relied on what others have said or written about it?

   I would encourage you to read at least a small part of it! To start, look in the Index in the front and you will see the Bible divided into two sections: the Old Testament (before Jesus was born) and the New Testament (after Jesus was born). Turn in the New Testament to the 4th Book called John and read that first. Then read the rest of the New Testament and then, if you have time and inclination, read the Old Testament next.

   The Bible was originally written in the languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek so all the Bibles we have now are translations of those original documents. May I recommend a modern English word for word translation such as the English Standard Version (ESV)?  It’s available at any book store or at many places online.  Let me know how you make out!

   The Bible encourages us to reason together as Isaiah writes in the above Bible Photo.  Good advice! The story about the 3 men on different crosses is found in the New Testament, Book of Luke, chapter 23, sentences 26 to 43. Questions? Send them to me at the webmaster @t this QuietWaters domain!

In the beginning God ... (Genesis 1:1 The Holy Bible)


Every now and the we see a quote that is helpful in deciding to follow God.  You can find them here.

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