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Surfing . . .    We’ve kept a surfing Blog at the RIRiders portion of QuietWaters.org for many years now. In 2010, after about 15 years I lost interest in keeping it going.  With this restart we begin again!

   I never stopped taking pictures and video during the last 2 years and so have a modest backlog of stoke to share with each of you who happen to find this site.

   When all is said and done, I love surfing the most when I’m with a bunch of friends who are just out here to have a good time, look out for each other, cheer each other on  and laugh. The other surfing world I live in has occasional double-up drops in the middle of February.  To walk among the men who have the heart of a lion is a great privilege.

   It remains my hope that each will meet, at just the right time, the Creator of the wave they just rode ...


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Left: the wall at Narragansett


Ray (at Masada in Israel - March 2011)